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You can resize, enhance by adding filters, (I.E. vintage, black and white, sepia, etc); crop, flip, transform,  and or invert the images you're working on. Also do some collage, (meaning: mix some pictures on a frame with an specific theme, example: summer, autumn, winter, and others), add a clip art, (stickers), add photo on top of another photo, border, lens effects, text, etc. 


February 28, 2017
1.) Snapseed, which is owned by Google; is plain and simple, just allow your photos to be  access by the program on your phone settings, Open the editor and Pick one photo of your choice. You can edit, by transforming, flipping, cropping and so on. Save the edited image and will be saved in it's own folder, which is Snapseed Album.

2.) PicsArt by PicsArt, this application is self explanatory as well. When you get to the photo editor main window, just follow the prompts. When you're done creating your project, Don't forget to save your work. Don't worry, this particular photo editor will create it's own folder as well, and will save it from there; all of the  edited photographs you made.  

3.) My top number three is Aviary, it's owned by Adobe; If you already have an account with Adobe, you can use it to sign in at Aviary photo editor. this program will not create it's own  album, it will edit your images and save it on the same folder/gallery for your pictures. It's also easy to use this program editor as well like the other two,  I mentioned above. Just makes sure that during  the saving process, click on saves a copy in order to prevent altering the original image.

Like the usual way, to use a free program is always to register with a valid E-mail. Go click on your Applications store icon, Apps/Store, (if applicable, on your android device), on the search address, type the program's name- when you get to find it, then install the application, on your smartphone if it applies to you, (My apologies); and or if possible on your Tablet, and or computer.

Just a reminder, that Free Programs have only some available certain features that you can use to create your project. Some available items to use isn't free. That means, you need to purchase them. 

The following random photos are my personal photographs; that were taken during the year of  2013, 2015, 2016 and the present year of 2017;  in Calgary, Alberta, and Outside Alberta province. I edited them using my top three picks -  Free Photo editors, that I installed on my mobile device.
Pressing  one of the command bars=FX>BLUR>ARTISTIC>POP ART>PAPER>DISTORT>COLORS>CORRECTIONS), will do wonders on the photo you're working on. 


I happily played the part of an Angel during my First Grade-Class, Christmas Party. My pairs of Wings were made out of Cardboard and Solid white crepe paper: They were really huge ; I got drowned with it, and I  needed someone to hold it  and helped me walk with it. haha. It was indeed a beautiful childhood memory of mine, during my childhood days in the Philippines, during the Holiday seasons.

I, in SW of  Calgary during the Spring of April 23, 2015,
(Just my reminiscent of being The Angel during the Holidays).


I during a walk, one chilly winter afternoon of 01/26/16, with my aunt
 in our neighborhood by the Evergreens in Calgary.


My view of The Calgary Tower during 03/18/16 .


Downtown Calgary, from my view-during Canada Day of 2016.


I stumbled on these Rabbits by our main entrance, during one summer night of 2016.


During the Fall of 2016, by an aquarium of a restaurant in Calgary courts centre.


During SAIT -100th anniversary, (a prestigious school for arts, sciences and technology), school's location is in Calgary.


I, by the Bow River in Shouldice Park in NW Calgary,
during our family\s celebration of the mid Autumn of 2015.
The Park is always open all through out the seasons.
You can barbecue and have a picnic also by the Bow.


This is me during the summer of 2015, up by Calgary's 4th Station.


I, by the heart of the city during the chilly summer of 2015-
Calgary square. Mall is nearby and the Tower is just behind me.


By the lake outside Alberta, during the summer of 2013.



At the Bow River in NW OF Calgary, during  the winter of 12/25/16.


I, during 01/27/17, by the Calgary Courts Center area in downtown Calgary.


This is me by the heart of the city, during the Winter of January 27, 2017.
The Calgary courts centre is behind.


Effects>Black and White>Neutral>Text

It's the Rockies behind the series of the Lake of Vermillion by 
Banf National Park of Canada in the summer of 2015, during my tour guiding.


There are lots of activities during the summer in Banff Park, You can also go there,canoeing.

So just open that Pics Art Album folder,  and you will find your latest creation. Enjoy! Definitely a must have program!

Photo Editor

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February 02, 2017

Hence I am bombarded already with emails from friends about being locked out by a certain social media, I decided to create this post, (I jokingly told them that because, "I know computers", it doesn't mean that I'm able to solve any problems they got. LOL). 
FYI: I got a friend, in another country, that got kicked out suddenly and also been locked out permanently, just recently, and her case are now closed. She lost everything that she collected for years and years. I felt her pain and sorrows. She said, she's like had a break-up with her first love, LOL. My friend by the way, thought that she got hacked so yeah, she didn't want to surrender her Government issued ID'S. She actually argued with them, and told me; it was her right not to present anything to them. The result wasn't a pleasant one, indeed!
I made a research on this issue, here are my findings; Make an account, that is yours. Your name supposed to be possibly an authentic name that you're using everyday of your life. Just in case that your full name, (example: Sophia Maclaine); but you're using Sophie in everyday life, but the other details match everything what's on your Government issued ID'S, Then THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED. FYI: 24 hours is the maximum locked out time limit by a certain social media -platform out there), if only you have; and presented their demanded Government issued ID'S/etc. If not, you will be permanently locked out and your case will be closed, like what happened to one of my friends.
Some data are: your birthday, phone number, address, and other details are exact match on what's on your Government issued ID's, Library card, Passport, Utility bills etc. 
The thing is when you join any social media out there; you need to be aware of what you do. Don't expect everything to be perfect, which is only according to your tastes and or senses. Is there any perfect guy that you already met in your life? The answer of course, is a gigantic NO! LOL
My advice is that, if you have a Gmail already, then why not join Google+.  I have been using it for a while because, I’m one of those; wanted to stick in one place. It's like "One Stop shop" for me, (when I go shop or grocery with my son, I pick a place that offers everything, (I.E. from clothes to food, to electronics to school supplies, etc.); definitely with no running here and there, I have a hectic schedules, being a single parent, so yeah, I want a place that I am already comfortable with. My apologies.
Whether you have a different E-mail provider, still, you can create an account from Google plus, like I did the first time I joined around 2013. If you're using an iPhone or a laptop to a desktop, just go type Google plus, on your web browser, it, will bring you there, sign up and or create an account. It is very self explanatory. Fill up the form, etc.
If you want a new email with Google, create a Gmail account- P. S. My post on creating a Gmail Account  P.S. Below the link.

If you have other phone, (I.E. android), same steps applies in installation: If only applies to your phone, my apologies.

1.) Click on Apps Store on your iPhone if you got one already.

2.) Make sure you're on wifi, so you won't use too much data on your phone. 
Type it in on the search bar-Google plus, 
It will give lots of options; that you can install it later for future use. 
(And or activate Voice, then say Google plus).

3.) Install then, pay attention to it , Provide your Apple ID &  password if Apple -Apps store  asks for it. You must have one already when you first acquired and or  activate your phone number with your iPhone. If not, go then create and apple id, It's easy, just like creating an Email. Then go back to your iPhone and click on Apps store. It will pop up a window where you can sign in, then follow the prompts. While you're already at the Apps store icon, install Hangouts by Google too, it's the Messenger app for Google plus. ;-) Amazing right? Yeah, I know! :-)

4.) Click on Let's go!- It will open up the site and sign in/log in with email you have.

5.) Now whatever your Email is , type it in, wait and see, must match your Email and password.

6.) What you see here, is  my Google plus page. I already downloaded the cover and profile photo. (1081 by 608 is my cover picture size), and my profile photo, is just whatever photo you got there, It will automatically crop it, just drag and save all the changes you have made. That easy!

7.) P.S. Number 6 step, You will see the Home/Collections/Communities/Notifications icons at the bottom. Click on communities and or Hit Home button and type on search  bar-example: is Brains and Beauty. Click on Join, or Ask to Join, whatever that applies. (Some communities you see are just examples, so find/search something that you're interested at).

8.) P.S. step number 6, Wrench icon-top left side.
Go >wrench icon on top - left side on your 
Google plus page. The result is number 8 step image. Take note of that tiny arrow -right side; lower corner by the cover picture. -Clicking on that, brings you to the signing out page. Slide the little dot button and will log you out of Google plus.

9.)  Last step, editing your page will be easy. etc. P.S. step number 6, 
Editing profile button is very 
visible and editing photos-Change cover/Profile pictures. Just follow the prompts. 

You're good to go. Enjoy Googling-plus! :-) ;-) (Yes, my friend is nowadays on Google plus, too; and is now satisfied . LOL)

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October 27, 2016

Some people I know of are not convinced that nobody can view them while they aren't using the webcam.
No one can see you through your webcam, unless you have "LET THEM" by having it on and connected to someone else. (I.e. through Skype video calls, FB messenger chats, etc.), also, a light will let you know if it is on.
Webcams are Closed Circuit and can only be viewed by people who you have allowed to view it.
If you are still paranoid THOUGH; (while you are using your laptop), and still believe that although, you aren't on live feed; but you think "THAT SOMEBODY MIGHT BE" watching you, just keep a masking tape on it and if that makes you feel better, then that's fine. No one can call you crazy, "YOU AREN'T ALONE, OF THINKING THAT" probability.

Example of an application that you will get to use the built-in webcam of your laptop -Skype

Skype call through live feed


Tuesday, June 14, 2016



June 14, 2016
Topic for Today:
FYI: for most Androids running older OS, (i.e. 4 + ); hold down power + volume down key at the same time, until you hear the camera snapshot sound and or you see the screen blink. Notification bar will say "Saving screenshot"……… 

Meanwhile, for newer iPhones, (i.e. 6+),  pressing home and power on/off buttons at the same time also will capture your screen and save it to your Photos Folder and will be inside your screenshots album.  

My home screen- (screenshot on my iPhone 6+)

My screenshot on my iPhone 6+

For Windows Phone OS devices:If you have a Nokia Lumia ; (i.e. 920, 1020), Press and hold the Windows Volume (up/down); button, and the Power button at the same time to take a screenshot, By simply doing this,  Suddenly, you will see this flashing light, then the screenshot photo, will be automatically saved  to your screen shots album. (On top of your screen, it says: Saving to screen shots........).

Images of my Screenshots on a Nokia Lumia 1020:

My 1020 Nokia Lumia (browser-Google) Application-Screenshot

My Lumia Homescreen screenshot 

My Lumia 1020 (lockscreen Screenshot)

To capture a screenshot from other Samsung devices having Android OS, Press your device's back button AND OR the return button and home button simultaneously. Android will create a new folder called (screen capture); inside the photos/gallery folder and save it there.
Some devices with Android newer operating systems are able to take a screenshot by holding down the Home and Power keys simultaneously,  for a quick second then release the buttons;  once you see or hear a snapshot and or blink of your screen. You will find all your screenshots in your screenshots folder inside your photos album or gallery album.
Note: For advance users only: P.S.  if rooting your android phone , is the last solution you may have, you may buy an app that can easy root your phone or best thing is, (only if you’re so eager to root your phone), anyhow, root it at your own risk, or go buy a new android phone/or a mobile device that can capture a screenshot, lol
To root is to jailbreak your own device, meaning to access the  secured settings of your device which is only accessible by the developer itself. (i.e Accessing unwanted applications which are and cannot be installed and deleted, by the user; can only be attained to; through rooting).
My sources: From my own acquired comp. knowledge and experience.

Enjoy saving screenshots!

   WP -Nokia Lumia [1020]/Android Devices /iPhone 6+ Screenshots

Friday, February 26, 2016


Windows 10 Extravaganza! Welcome to different kinds of applications and so on, but if you are like me, no hesitation of improvements and newest technology to come by, then you’re at it! rock on!

February 26, 2016

Since Windows 7 OS is still around, I think It will be for a while for some, since for them, it is the most convenient system next to Windows XP.
Anyway, still,  Lots of people that  I help with,  are of course also expect  that Windows 8, is similar with  Windows  XP/7 function ability, TO THEIR DISMAY, they get frustrated hence time, for some is very important. They don't like the idea; that there are so much gadgets blinking on their screen.  In short, no time for them to understand all the TWISTS of Windows 8. So Windows 10 for them is maybe baby!

Images you can see  on your Computer after Successfully upgrading to Windows 10 OS:  
Your Desktop -Windows 10 OS, Well just to let you know that,  I added the Chrome as well as some of the applications I wanted, after the Upgrade. Go>IE>(MS Edge), type>Click on>Download Chrome>that easy!; Once you download Chrome, everything's in there! Gmail, and so on. 

HomeScreen- is where your Desktop

Your StartMenu has SearchBar also, P.S. see "SEARCH THE WEB AND WINDOWS", so just type Chrome down there, it will pop up the options, click on Web and will open up the Google official  page for you. P.S. where I typed Music, that is the start menu-search-bar.

"SEARCH WEB AND WINDOWS " Is where you type to find things on the web and on your computer, the search bar on your Start Menu

Windows 7 Start Menu Search Bar is a bit similar compared to that of Win 10.  My apologies if your Windows 7 start menu details is different, some of the programs I have aren't free.

Bottom Left side corner-Windows 7 Ultimate Start menu-Search bar

Start Menu gives options on what to do, like before: with the old windows function abilities;  where to find files and other task you will do, is like you got back your old windows 7 but with some improvements, anyhow, 8.1 OS  got already the Start Menu button, so I am not really surprised  with Windows 10 features. I still have my Laptop with the Windows 7 OS-for work to accommodate people who still want to use Windows 7 Operating System. 

Start Menu Options and or its Details

So yeah, just type store on the start menu-search bar, below by the task-bar area; then the store application will pop-up, on top-right corner with its search bar, i.e. type "Google Earth" and so on. Find some applications or programs you want, some are free and some aren't free. 

P.S. my apologies if your start menu has different applications.

GO settings to associate your Windows MS Hotmail/live/outlook/email account to your computer, so it will synchronize your settings with all your MS Windows Devices, for example if you have a windows Nokia Lumia Phones like I do;  and change the layout, and or the default programs the way they will work for you; anyhow, no need to touch anything if you aren't sure. Just leave all the way it is. 

P.S. Settings to change and or apply your new settings for your needs.

So,  if your MS email account is being used and if you are already signed on your computer, your IE page will look like mine, it got your photo and email is already syncing. Examples are your Location- Weather,  etc.  

IE edge

Chrome works for editing pictures, too, when you're on your blogger site, so make sure to download the Chrome Web Crawler.

Chrome Web Searcher

 Note: Important : Download all necessary updates and all optional updates, and all  drivers needed, go to your computer- brand's official site and see if your computer needs some updates for some drivers. Then Go MS site and click on windows 10 upgrade and follow prompts. (It will take 4 to 5 hours upgrade to win 10 OS when your computer is Genuine build, because,  I know some aren't so that's why they won't get the upgrade. My apologies, so better buy something Genuine).

       Windows 10 Upgrade

Monday, September 28, 2015


iPhone 6 plus: Insert Sim Card

September 28, 2015 

If it's your fist time to see and or use an iPhone 6 plus:  well, here you go : I accompanied the instructions with the photos so it'll be easier for you to insert the SIM card.

1.) The SIM tray is on the right-side of the iPhone, There is a tiny hole that you will see, it is below the sleep/wake button.

2.) Use the SIM ejector tool/or paperclip to get the sim-tray out, when there is no available sim-ejector tool,  Insert an unfolded paper clip tip (like what I have done), into that tiny hole you see, (round depression); all the way down and the sim-tray will pop out easy; Do not insert the paperclip-tip/sim ejector halfway, it will not pop out the SIM card. lolz

3.) Place the SIM card on it's tray, (you won't miss it; cuz the form of the sim-tray will prompt you, on how to put the SIM card properly), return back the sim-tray into the SIM card slot just like the way you've found it.

4.) If you are not capable of doing that, go to your nearest store-carrier and ask the staff to do it for you.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Then follow prompts:  set- up your dialect/language/internet provider for you WiFi use, Pass-code or password and so on. But When you get to the (sim pin) settings, you might want a new sim pin, to protect your sim data in the future.

Instructions: Details Below(SIM PIN default is 1234.  Enter SIM PIN default  to unlock the PIN then follow prompts). 

Protect your SIM CARD  against unauthorized use, In order for you to do that, you need to turn on your PIN protection. Once done, it needs to be keyed in every time you power on /turn on, (meaning, after turning it off-Power Off);  your smart phone. Your SIM PIN protection will not prevent others from accessing the data of your mobile phone contents  (i.e. pictures and messages, documents), You can also protect your mobile data by turning on the phone pass-code. Details below:

Go Settings>Touch ID and Pass-code>Enable Pass-code by: Turn Pass-code On>Pass-code Options>Select 4-Digit Numeric Code>Key in 4 digits numbers (for easy access for you);  of your choice/Repeat to confirm>You're Mobile Data is now Protected. 
Go >Settings>Require Pass-code >Put a check-mark on Require Pass-code= Immediately and or/Whatever you prefer.

SIM CARD Protection:
Go Settings>Cellular>SIM PIN>enable, by moving/sliding the button (it's lighted up-greenish in color when it's turned on); Key in 1234 =default SIM PIN >Follow prompts, by keying in current then change it to new SIM PIN. press OK and it's done. Your SIM CARD  is now protected.
Please Note:  Powering up your phone by Keying wrongly your SIM PIN five times in a row will  lock your SIM CARD permanently, so to unlock it, you must enter your PUK Numbers (Call your mobile carrier for this issue). They will provide your PUK numbers and will guide you to unlock it/if you're not sure how to do it.
 Well, have fun with your iPhone !

     iPhone 6 plus-Sim Card Tray Slot, Sim Pin Protection

Saturday, July 04, 2015



July 04, 2015 

FYI: USB= external hard drive, (is an external detachable drive to store files for easy access in the future, just in case your computer may run out of it's time life). Somehow you will need to backup your files: (i.e. your images/photographs/documents and other important files you may have). You can always buy a USB, Re writable CD'S,  and or Floppy Disks,  it's being sold everywhere: from your local drugstore to a grocery store.  A USB though, is very convenient to bring anywhere you go. 
The easiest way to transfer files from one computer to another, without using any physical cable wires, is to download files to a detachable hard drive with enough capacity; to accommodate all the information you wanted to transfer it to a different computer. 
If you want to transfer all your important images/documents to an external hard drive; you also can, But remember, you will need to scan first all your files that are physically lying around in your home, unless they are already in a device that are ready to transfer to your computer is another story. Some Major backing up project will need a proper External Hard Drive for it, to accommodate all your data (for example: if you want to backup all your computer's settings/programs/applications/and other information: in short: it's Operating System,  then you will need an external hard drive with unlimited capacity, it's being sold also at your local school and office supplies stores).
For Old and New Windows: [A newer computer Which has Win 7, 8.1 OS [Operating System] has it's own default compression program; which I am using].
When you want to transfer files from one location to another such as from your hard disk to a removable disk, for  example, on your  usb, or vice versa, and or especially when you want to send  large files of pictures via an email to a family member  or a friend, you can store the files in a compressed zipped folder,  so that they will take up less disk space.  Also,  You can more quickly transfer them to another location such as a detachable drive, [i.e. USB]. 
Winrar is also another file compression program. (RAR files are compressed files, What is a RAR file anyway? They're created by the WinRAR archiver.   Like Zip files, these files need to be extracted). Winrar is just like winzip. They Compresses files and decompresses. If you have the application you can either- Launch WinZip from your start menu or Desktop shortcut. Right-click on the compressed file/ folder you want to extract the files out of. Then scroll down on the options from the pop-up window -dialogue box. (See images for more details).
Other option you may have is to download the utility program from it's own official site. By the, You may use their trial program. The trial one will only allow you to decompress the file, while the paid one can do both. 
Both PC-Desktop and Laptop can accommodate USB/Rewritable CD'S. 

USB-External Hard Drive

You can insert USB to both Laptop and PC-Desktop,

Floppy Disks

Floppy Disk could be inserted into your PC-desktop, through It's Tower.

Step1.) When you create a compressed folder, Windows displays a zipper on the folder icon. 
Create a compressed folder using the compressed zip folder command. (For old windows 7 OS, and new Win 8.1 OS; just use shortcut menu on the Windows/File  Explorer), You can compress files or other documents or folders, by  [press CTRL  Key [and manipulate your pointer by left- clicking the files that you like;  one by one], release CTRL Key;  then  on top of the highlighted files; right-click and select send to compressed folder, [a Folder with a zipper design will be created which contained all the files you selected].

Step 1

Step 2.)  Compressing files is just making copies of the files itself and sending them to another location so it gives you the option for easy transfer later on. Compressed zipped folder has been created and renamed., 

Step 2

Step 3.) You can attach a detachable disk, [USB], you can insert on your laptop, and or desktop.

Step 3

Step 4.)  When you extract a file, you create uncompressed files/graphics/images into a folder you specify. 

Step 4
Step 5.) Extract all the compressed files, by sending them to a location you specify, and or browse any preferred location. Click on the extract button.       

Step 5

Step 6.) Unless all the files are extracted and or decompressed.
Then, They will all be ready to be opened and or viewed again.

Step 6

    Zipped Folder