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Saving Firefox Bookmarks Into An HTML File

Accessing  Your Firefox Browser Bookmarks To A Different Device 
September 27, 2016

To save into HTML your bookmarks in Firefox browser;  You must open up your Firefox Internet browser’s Menu Bar, go click on Bookmarks tab then select Show All Bookmarks.  A popup Bookmarks Manager window will appear. Now click on Import and Backup tab, scroll down to Export Bookmarks to HTML option, and then to save it on your local hard drives onto a C:drive; you must browse onto the path where you want to save the bookmarks, such as in your Documents folder, and then Rename and click on Save. Notice in your Documents folder that your current bookmarks on your Firefox browser have now a back up document for future use.

You can also directly save the bookmarks onto an external hard drive; such as a USB or Floppy disk which needs to be inserted into the PC; that way you can Import the HTML Bookmarks into another PC of yours onto another Firefox browser. 

If you happened to saved your HTML Firefox Bookmarks i…

Troubleshooting Computer With No Sound

Reasons On Why Your Computer Has No Sound
January 27, 2016
Let’s try these techniques before you go to a computer repair shop.Try testing  first the sound on computer by connecting the headphones; play a music on a music device such as the windows media player; if that’s not working, if  it’s desktop PC; check  the hardware such as the speakers:  if they are properly connected on sound card on the back of the tower, check all the wires in the back of the tower, if they're connected in the right slots and see to it whether you have configured them correctly. The Speakers wiring must be properly connected into the correct jack on Audio out port on sound card which is normally green in color. Make sure that they have power by plugging the speakers to a power bar and are turned on.  Go Control Panel then System and Security then click on Action Center, now on the left pane select Windows Update and let it download all the updates, click on all the important and optional updates availabl…

Troubleshooting Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Device

There Are Too Many Reasons On Not Working Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Device
June 27, 2015

For not working Toshiba Laptop Touch pad device with Windows OS: Turn off your computer by holding your power on/off button for 15 seconds, until the computer power light goes off. Unplug the Adapter Cord and also take out the battery. Return the battery, and plug the Adapter Cord back, [(I recommend that you must use a power bar, for your computer protection just in case of a power outage, [shock]). FYI! I do not plug the computer A/C directly to an electric outlet. Press and hold down FN +F9 at the same time together doesn't work, [i.e. repeatedly, and or at least 3 times]. If that doesn't work, you go point to Start Menu then select Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound tab, then onto Devices and Printers click on Mouse, then modify the settings of your touch pad device.

Alright, so by the time you get into the settings for your mouse touch pad, just make sure that you [Unchecked the box…

Creating An E-Mail

What is Blind Carbon Copy in an E-mail? May 27, 2015

To sum it up, an existing e-mail is imperative for everyday activities nowadays, it's just because, In general, a social media required an e-mail of yours,  to set up an account: (example: Google Plus is my only favorite form of social media), hehe
Today's age of computers, mostly all companies that offer free software's online may require an e-mail, (i.e. if you want to download a free game, a free photo editor application to enhance your personal pictures, etc.), you perhaps need to provide an e-mail as a requirement, more so that you as a user can be provided with an update later on. To sign up for the first time, type google mail on an Internet browser then click on create a new account, (a phone number is required to verify your account/identity if you have no any other existing e-mail to provide, So simply enter all mandatory fields, (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Gender, etc), choose a secure password; don't forget…

Creating & Saving A Document

Typing on Windows Word Pad and MS Word  March 27, 2015
If only MS Office suite program isn't included on your Operating System (i.e. Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), Go to Start Menu Button, Point to All Programs, select Accessories>click on WordPad or Notepad, they are included with you computer-Win 7, 8, 8.1 OS, etc. Otherwise, you can use the MS Word. In this tutorial, you will learn how to manage your files. By the way, what is a File? A File is a collection of data, which has a name and is stored on a computer’s drive or in an external drive. After creating a File, you can print it, open it, edit its contents, and or save it again usually using the same program you used to create it. To accomplish any given task that involves texts, you must type texts where texts are required though.When you start a document program, such as the WordPad, a blank wide area will appear below the menu bar, toolbars and ruler. That area is called the document window. By the upper left side o…

Exploring The Internet

Navigating The Internet To start exploring the Internet, an access to a computer with an Internet connection is a must. You can go to a Net cafĂ© or to a Public Library, (depends on your situation). 
February 27, 2014

IE browser is just one of the many Internet crawlers to open up a Web Page. To name a few; Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox,  are  all Internet browsers; apparently, one of these Internet browsers  will allow you to embark on a search for a certain vacation spot,  read news, download a music video, watch a film, or even book your next flight to Banff National Park of Canada. FYI! There are more Internet web searchers out there, which I haven’t mentioned. My favorite Web crawler is Google Chrome.
Point to Start Menu, select All programs and click on IE explorer or double click on the IE icon on the desktop, to open it up, whatever may apply. To start exploring the Web, use IE explorer, the Internet browser that comes with your Windows 7 or…