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June 29, 2013

First of all, It is imperative that you have an access to a computer, which is connected to the Internet. Whether you are at home working on your own computer or in a public establishment.

I have chosen a  well-known  company that is recommended by my family and friends, who sells an Internet,  because, I am a new customer  for them, so they actually provided me with a free computer and gave me lots of choices  to select from . Your  responsibility  is to maintain an account through them and provide a monthly payment.  

I do all my banking transactions through banking online that’s why, so I have gotten a high speed connection, and not the dial-up one.  They give a lot of options though, so I have the best and affordable price for my Internet connection. All you do is shop around and then  you decide what options are out there for you, that will actually meet your needs.

The second step  is to  have an access to an Internet browser,  To name a few; for example: MSN Explorer , Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator and or Mozilla Firefox,  are  all Internet browsers; apparently, one of these Internet browsers  will allow you to embark on a search for a certain file  and or  will let you read news, for instance: from politics to fashion, to entertainment, to upload or download a music video or watch a film or listen to your favourite song, and or even book your next flight to the Philippines.

FYI! , There are more Internet search service providers out there, that I haven’t mentioned.

What is a world wide web?

Certainly, "I have learned from my school, that the World Wide Web is a system of hypertext documents-(electronic files), that contain elements known as, hyperlinks or just links which target other parts of a document or other documents altogether. A link can be a word or a phrase or a graphic  image. Each hypertext  document on the web is called a web page and is stored on a computer on the Internet called a web server".

"A web page can contain links to other web pages located anywhere on the Internet – on the same computer as the original webpage or on an entirely different computer halfway across the world".

"The ability to cross reference other web pages with links is one of the most important features of  the web. Navigating web pages using hypertext is an efficient way to access information. When you read a book, you follow a linear progression, reading one page after another. With hypertext, you progress through the pages in whatever order you want. Hypertext allows you to skip from one topic to another following the information path that interests you".

And I do believe.

Details below: One of my website links is the official web page of Pangasinan, which is my favorite province in the Philippines; it is located in Asia;  (it is halfway across the world), Absolutely "one of the most important features of the World Wide Web". 

Linking a page is a special feature of the WWW (world wide web). 


Pangasinan is an exotic province!

 Discover Pangasinan, the province which offers lovely beaches in the entire Philippines, The best place to spend your next holidays!

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