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June 26, 2013

FYI : Most of the companies that offer free software's online may require your e-mail. For example: If you want to download an antivirus program that is a free download, you need to provide an e-mail so that you as a user, can be provided with instructions and or other offers, and or update with that software. 

Summing up: An existing e-mail is imperative for everyday activities nowadays, it's just because, social applications required an e-mail of yours,  for you to set up a account:  (examples: fb, Instagram, google plus, twitter, and so on..)

To create a new e-mail, if you're a beginner, you must have a phone number to  include for resetting your password, that way it will be easier for you to recover your account, just in case,  if ever you will forget/compromise  your account in the future.

  • There are other e-mail providers out there. For you to get an -e-mail, is easy and hassle -free. Just sign up or create a new account. Make sure you print a copy after you are done filling up the form, so you have a back-up document to reset  your password, if ever you're forgetful, or somehow you lost your password, but in any case, just provide your phone number also,  for a back-up to reset your password, if you happened to have forgotten it, or someone hacked into your account or if you compromised it. You never Know.
  • Image below-to give you an idea of the Form to fill up: Just type in Gmail on your browser or search engine, then it will take you there to their website.

Gmail Form Window


Some  free e-mail providers are YAHOO MAIL, HOTMAIL, OUTLOOK and or LIVE MAIL, Some aren't free at all,  like your  Internet Service Provider, I meant if you have an account from them, It is fine, you will get a free e-mail account, because of course!, you are maintaining a monthly payment for your Internet service, but for others who do not have an Internet service for their computers, meaning they only access Internet through public computers,  then they won't  enjoy any  free e-mail account from companies who provide Internet Services.

         Free Web -E-MAIL             

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