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July 27, 2013

I  have known some programs that offered  options to repair or change it , when you try to uninstall them, but many,  just simply give you  the option to uninstall it.  Following the instructions, will properly erase  a program in your system , and will free up some space  on  your hard disk (C:drive). 
  • For Windows:  [Win 7, 8, 8.1 ], My example, I will uninstall my son's Maple Story Game. This game , is a huge program . Some game's- programs  also need some constant updating , and it takes a lot of space in the hard disk (c: drive), so what I will do is uninstall  this old version and reinstall the newest version of this game.  [I will reinstall it later the Korean version  on his own laptop],  In this case, I will not have the oldest -version file of Maple Story in my hard drive. So , Go Control Panel, click on Programs then Programs and Features then click on  Maple Story and  click on  Uninstall /change button.

Win 8.1 OS Start Menu Options-Control Panel [1]

  • Select Programs Tab

Control Panel [ View by Category]

  • Click on the program name

Programs and Features Window

  • Select Uninstall tab on the Command toolbar: [PS, Uninstall/Change/Repair options]

Select yes or No  [Uninstall dialogue pop-up box]

  • You can also click on cancel button on that uninstall pop-up dialogue box as well,  If you decided not to uninstall a program  that you might  still need it for future use. Cancelling will reverse the process.

Deleting the Program's Sub-Folder inside Program Files Folder;  doesn't delete everything inside the system.

The program is deleted from the List.
  • When you are done uninstalling a program, just exit the Control Panel. [Close the x button].

Delete the shortcut icon on the desktop

  • [P.S. A dialogue will pop-up., for administrator, saying, do you wish to uninstall...yes? or no?, click yes and follow the procedure,  another dialogue will pop-up , click finish after it's done uninstalling the program. or at the end of  uninstalling process, it will ask you to restart  the computer, click on restart so new settings will apply].

    Uninstall a Program             

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