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July 22, 2013

[I started from Windows XP Pro @ school, where I took up Computerized Accounting-General -Class 2006. Nowadays I am presently using and enjoying the best & latest Windows, (w/o the Start Button)].
  • Before you panic, and call your Internet Service Provider, Restarting the computer is a must, depleting your resources, (through opening a lot of windows), Meaning probably over a dozen of applications were running in the background, for over a long period of time. ex, Eight hours or more, By re-starting your computer, It will instantly refresh your resources: (It depends on what type of Internet Connection you also have). The following are just some of the situations that requires: Restarting the Computer.
  • Internet connection is slow. (Unless you're on dial-up connection). Can not open up the E-mail. Password/Username is not working but it is the right one. Some of the shortcut icons (example: Speaker Icon is missing on your task-bar (Unless you made it disappear). Can not delete a file, It says Error. Cannot delete this file, It is in use. Although, the file is not open in another program.(Unless you have no right to delete that certain file, It is copyrighted or a part of the computer system). No sound on your media player. An application or program is not responding. CD/USB/Diskette becomes inaccessible.
  • Computer cookies are not the cookies that you bake and give to your grandkids. I hear this a lot, "They said what cookies you're talking about?" "How I suppose to delete my cookies", I already gave the last one to my grandkid....ahahaha
  • But The Best Method to speed up the browser, (Since I have Three kinds of Internet Browsers, they're all have different ways for you to clear the cache or wipe out the temporary cookies in the cache. Cookies is data temporarily stored in the system while you are accessing the WORLD WIDE WEB.

  • Additional information about IE Explorer/Web Site/Web Searcher: If the page is keep on refreshing and that you can't sign in, (whether on faceBook or on your email website): you must turn on, if off the Pop up blocker for the sites. You need to allow a pop up window for some email providers, and or other sites when you're logging in. 

Below Image: Microsoft -IE Pop Up Blocker (Click on it once) it is turn off; (Click on it again); It's turn on/off.

For Google Chrome browser:

Go Customize and control Goggle chrome-icon beside the star icon top right corner. Point your arrow on Tools then click on Clear browsing data. Check all the boxes, I scrolled down on beginning of time to clear the cache. Or you can do this step- click on this (Psst! Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) may come in handy next time).

Image Below:



Win 7 OS Google Chrome

MRH Win 7 OS GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER; [You can Customize your settings]

For Internet Explorer:

Go Tools Tab on the tool-bar, then Internet Options button then General Tab then put a check-mark on the box of Delete browsing history on exit. Press Apply button then

 Okay button. Restart the browser for the new settings to apply. or 

IE Step 1-delete cookies

 IE Step 2-delete cookies

Under that box of Delete browsing history on exit, is a Delete and Settings buttons, click on Delete and it will take you to this above image, check all the boxes that is shown and UN-check the box that says Preserve Favourites Website Data. Press Apply button then Okay button. Restart the browser for the new settings to apply.

IE Confirms that History been deleted


Mozilla Firefox-History

For Mozilla Firefox browser:

Go Tools Tab on your tool-bar then Options then Privacy and check shown boxes. In that case, once you are done and you closed the browser, all the stored cookies is automatically deleted. Press Okay button. Restart the browser for the new settings to apply.

Firefox step 1-delete cookies

Firefox-Customizing the settings for history options-step 2

step 3-Deleting History for Firefox browser

step 4-Firefox; Cleared all history from the very beginning of time

(RAM- random access memory)

      Web Browsers - Delete Cookies             

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