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July 23, 2013

FOR OLD COMPUTERS:   First, you need to find out how much free space you have on the hard drive, before downloading any file,. There's a possibility that  you don't have any more space in your hard drive, especially when you're using a very old computer. Some files are huge some aren't, it also depends on what kind of file you want to download. To do this, Go File Explorer, then My Computer, then right-click on Local Disk (C: Drive) click on Properties. It's also  important that you update your Adobe flash player as well as the Java program. Your Screen resolution for the program to run properly depends on what OS you are running. For Win 8.1 OS;  is on- by it's default screen resolution.

  • For Windows: Pink Colour is free space, while the Blue Colour is used.

Hard Drive: C

Hard Drive: C [Pink-Free Space]

  • Image-showing details, on how to find and download a file: Just type Google earth on your search crawler.

Search/Address  Bar Window

  • Type/ Search the file on the address bar. Click the Link/Company Name where the file is located. Read the reviews of the software you want to download/use. Make sure you are aware of the pros and cons. (the advantages/disadvantages). Get to know the other soft-wares attached to it, if you will agree to have the free download. It depends on what kind of application you want to download, some are just there for free downloads and some aren't.  Mostly,  I found out that if a certain software is in demand, ex, a free   application to make ring tones, that principal software will not function the way you want it,  unless you will also agree to download the attachments, example:  another extra search bar for you.  If you are worry  to have another extra software in your system, I strongly recommend, you buy one online. Click then the download button. A windows dialogue will pop-up and will give options to save or download the file. Save the file to your Downloads Folder. 

Click on Download Button 

  • Click the download button and click to agree to their agreement document(always, whenever you will want to download and use a  file, or a program, you will have to sign this agreement document. whether it's free or not, it's like a membership  card from a retail store, that offers  some good  discounts.
  • Saving the file to the  Downloads Folder:

Downloads Folder

  • Look for the file that it was  saved  earlier,  open it, and or  right- click on the file and choose run/download file. (unless that file is a program, then you need to run it to install in your system. Another windows dialogue will pop-up, Click drop down arrow that says, Language, check your preferred Language. Check the preferences: check box that says make a shortcut on my desktop/task-bar/start-up. Close windows dialogue that says finish downloading/ check restart the computer now. Using the program that you download, ex. GOOGLE EARTH  most often, all of these soft-wares are easy to use, they all are self explanatory. There is also a Help tab attached to the tool bar,  for you to use.  

Run the Application from the Downloads Window

  • While the file is downloading itself inside your computer's  hard disk. (if somehow you changed your mind not to download the file and or program anymore), You can cancel anytime the installation by clicking the Cancel ButtonIf there's no cancel button, just click on the x button on your top-rightside of the windows dialogue.

Downloading the File

  • And the finish product of google earth file, it is an application to find places, map somewhere, anywhere on earth, -I googled earth my former school, in the Philippines, where I took up my four years course in Finance.- University of Pangasinan, in Dagupan City.-Class 1988. Amazing program!

The Actual Program

Try yours! 

          Google Earth             

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