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August 4, 2013

Using  the shortcut menu, because it is the easiest way to copy a file, or a folder. For both old windows and new windows. But of course, the fastest way to copy/duplicate a file/folder,  and bring it to it's own  location you specify;  is to directly right click on the object (file/folder), then click on Send to, meaning- sending a copy of the file/image/document/graphic or folder to your preferred location/destination, (example location: desktop).

  • It's like cooking your favorite noodle soup, instead of going the long way, you'll just heat up  your soup mix in a can and then pretend that,  it is like the soup you tasted  in a five star hotel  It's like,  I used to have this friend, every time I will ask if he did cook for the weekends, he will tell me, "ah oh yes!, Rita,  I cooked this amazing soup that you can ever taste in your life", then I say, oh really! what kind ?, "then He will speak in a soft voice, and say, ah,  you know, I got this can of browns beans and a box of noodles with spices and I did boil water and just stirred these things, for five minutes you know". Oh well, sure, I  don't want it thank you very much though. I just wanted Filipino food from my sister that's all..(then "his response will be, does it taste good?"  I said, yeah, Filipino food is one such amazing dish!) and of course! , I have eaten it all. Sorry though, it's all gone, :-)
  • Here's the steps on  how to do these techniques:

Step #1
Copying a file on the shortcut menu dialogue box. Go Documents> right-click on chrysanthemum>click on Copy option>Go Public Pictures>Sample Pictures>Right-click inside the Sample Pictures Folder and click on Paste.

Documents Folder Window

  • Select the file, then Right-clicking on it, will show you the options, click on copy, then go to your  preferred location, right click again, then click-  on paste.

Step #2
Pasting a file on the shortcut menu dialogue box. (inside the prefered folder/location/destination).

Pasting Technique-WIN 7 OS

  • The sample picture (Chrysanthemum), was relocated a while ago, (to Documents folder);  I actually did the cut and paste technique to remove it to it's original location.( I just duplicated it to return it to it's root/original  folder-Sample Pictures folder).

My Windows Explorer -Paste Option

(Another technique to move things around is Dragging the file from it's original location and then Dropping it, to  it's new destination but will not copy it; but relocating it , means "drag n drop".  

(Cut & Move is Drag and drop meaning-Relocating/Removing it  completely from it's  mother house to bring it to it's new house).
  • To do drag n drop, hold CTRL KEY, while at the same time, hold your mouse,  and hover your point arrow on the file and  then dragging the file then drop it to  its new destination folder. You must have a good manipulation of your mouse to do dragging and dropping.

    Send To, Copy & Paste            

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