Saturday, August 03, 2013



August 3, 2013

"Moving From Manila to Winnipeg then to Calgary": Amazing! (same thing, applies to moving files; i.e. moving the file to a different location and or to a different folder, etc.)
  • For Windows: We will use Windows/File or Windows Explorer - to move or cut a file or a folder. By the way,  moving and or cutting a  file or a folder  is different from  copying a file, because by copying a file, we duplicate the file, and the original file is  still on it's original location and just making a copy to bring it on  another location. While moving or cutting a file, is actually, sending  the file to it's own new location, so thereby, removing it from it's current or original location, and moves it to it's new destination, we specify.
  • Right-Click on the specific item, navigate to that pop up dialogue box and click on cut option, go to your preferred folder and right- click again inside that location and click on paste option.

Cut  Dialogue Box

  • Cut and Paste, is the fastest way to relocate or move a file or a folder. It also removes the file to it's original /current location, then places it to it's new location.

Successfully Moved the file to it's new location

A new Image is successfully added to it's new location/Folder

Remember, "Copying" and "sending to"  are the same tasks, but different from cutting/moving files/folders.

    Cut, Move

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