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August 7, 2013

*Note added(January 02, 2014)* The simple and or direct  download will only work for old Windows, up to Windows 8 operating system, (Windows 8.1 OS, must be updated first for video/graphics drivers).It is imperative that you go to  your computer's brand official site, (example: HP etc.), for free downloads. They will scan your computer for any drivers update. All possible drivers downloads will be available for you.

[P.S. this tutorial will not apply for you, if you don't own the computer, my apologies].

MP3 can be played on windows media player or on iTunes player and or  on any music player that supports mp3. 
  • A lady was asking  me lately, that  she wanted to get the mp3s to play on her mp3 player but she wanted the mp3s,  straight from the you tube music videos. 
  • So  First,  you need to have the  music video converter on your computer, so you can convert these  music videos you wanted  to become mp3s.
  • Google up   music video to mp3 converters and you will go from there. Free YouTube To Mp3 Converter is  one program out there, provided by DVDVideoSoft They are all very easy to use. Just follow the instructions.
Their official site:

  • Follow Prompts: when downloading and installing the program. Just leave  the default  location, etc.; press the next button to install the file.
  • I picked the advanced set-up; instead of express installation, It will make a shortcut on the desktop and also will pin the application on the task-bar. [P.S. If you're a  computer-newbie just select express, it will do the rest for you].

Using the program:

1.) Open the DVDVideoSoft mp3 converter>search a song on you tube>right-click on the address bar>copy the URL>paste it on the application.

Free You Tube  to MP3 Converter

2. ) You can search your favorites songs, if only they are available on you tube, you can copy and paste as much as you want though, then press the download button, it depends on how fast your internet connection is; then leave the mp3's  on their default folder; naturally it will go to your music folder, that way you don't need to search for them. It will be easy to find them on their default location.

Copy the URL on the address bar

3. ) While Downloading the videos; also they are automatically converted into MP3'S by the program. You can minimize the application, and work on something else. 

Pasting option

4. ) The songs are all sent to My Music Folder. Just go open your Media Player and you can listen to them. Or You can just listen to them inside the music folder like what I am doing here.

Adding the songs to Windows Media Player List

5. ) When Exiting the program [Free You Tube To MP3 Converter]. Just click on the File Menu and press Exit.

My Music Folder

  • P.S. For old Windows and New Windows OS: Windows Media Player is a free download from Microsoft if your computer don’t have it yet, go get windows media player download;  and follow all the prompts; otherwise just,  Go Start Menu>All Programs >and single click on Windows Media Player and or whatever player you have, unless the player is already on your desktop then, just double click on it.

Windows Media Player

  • Once the Media player is open, click on >Music option on the Navigation pane [left-side pane]; The Music folder will open and you  can see that;  all the mp3’s you have converted were all  already added to the media player music  library by default.  You will see the files at the Task-pane [center pane]. [Saved Playlist are displayed on the Preview pane [right side pane].
  • Actually when you Press   the Play button at the Details pane [center -bottom of the player], all the songs inside the music folder will also be automatically transferred to the right –navigation pane, [Preview/Playlist pane], so hit the Save button on the top right-side menu bar, to save your favorite list; [After that, [P.S. follow  THE PROMPT], type any name you want for your playlist, i.e. Mazzy Starr [Whatever name you want it to be],; and  then just hit enter on the keyboard to save the playlist’s  name.
  • Windows Media Player- Details pane: [bottom pane] shows what is currently playing, who the artist is, and also how long the file will be played on. You can pause the song, and or escape, and listen to the next one, just by pressing the [>] forward, or [<] backward button, to repeat the song you just listened to. Also you can view the player in full screen mode, just by pressing the [full screen button], right edge corner. 

*Just that simple! Have fun converting!

*P. S. Windows Media Center supports these music  file types: [for advanced users only, my apologies]

Music file types (format)
File name extensions
Windows Media Audio files
.asx, .wm, .wma, and .wmx
Windows audio files
MP3 audio files
.mp3 & .m3u

         You Tube Videos to MP3’S             

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