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August 2, 2013

What you should know  after , you  deleted  your  files, folders ,  and or graphics: where do they go? (Recycle Bin, is a   container that holds all your deleted files, folders, images, and or graphics).

Before, I gave away my old comp, xp, I needed to delete a lot of songs, (mp3’s), so that I can free up some space in the hard drive. 
  • Oh boy, I had trouble deleting some media files. I tried to rename them but, It wasn’t that successful to delete them.  So what I did was on the explorer window- I  went on the View menu, click Choose Details and unchecked all the boxes, such as type, created, modified, author etc., then I just left  a check mark on name to be displayed, nothing else.
  • Then restarted the computer, went back to those files first, no window was open, except the explorer window,  and tada! I deleted all those annoying files, that I thought can’t be deleted at all.  Of course I went right away to the recycle bin and emptied it. So far only in xp, I had that problem.
The Recycle Bin is  very useful though,   to go to and recover all these deleted files and return them to their original location. It means,  Restoring  them, However, once you accessed the Recycle Bin and permanently deleted all the files that were in it, They will be gone forever! You can not recover them anymore, never ever!

Note* Hard disk is different from all other disks.  On your  Hard disk  (C : drive) you still  can recover the files that's  been deleted, all of them are just in your RECYCLE BIN,  waiting for you to either restore or permanently delete them. While on your other disks, like F, H: drive or usb or floppy disk, that's it! as soon as you deleted them, you can no longer see them in your Recycle Bin, they will  disappear , meaning, you can not restore them anymore. 

Deleting from C: Drive

C-Drive option

I changed my mind, and didn't really  want to delete my Drafts  folder with all it's contents, because I remember, I still  have one  page  of document- draft, that needs to be finished and supposed to be posted later . And or I could delete this sample picture from my Documents Folder, that I just recently copied because I don't really need it.

WIN 7 OS C : drive

  • All I did , was right -clicking  on my Drafts folder inside my Recycle Bin, and I clicked on Restore, and tada!  It did return my Drafts Folder to its original Location.

Recycle Bin Window

Deleting from F:Drive USB Drive-Removable Drive

F Drive : Window

  • Once that Draft folder and or Bookmarks HTML.file is deleted on my F:Drive, it's gone,  It can not be restored anymore. Never ever!, It  won't be inside my Recycle Bin. Unlike the C: Hard disks  contents, its recoverable. 

My Recycle Bin -WN 7 OS Window

WIN 7 OS Window -Recycle Bin Window Prompt

[P.S. So always be careful when deleting a file].

WIN 7 OS-Recycle Bin Prompt


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