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September 3, 2013

PC with Newest Windows OS, has the Windows essentials so your PC has already it's protection, depends though what kind of comp/pc you have/own.

For old Windows: 
How to choose an anti-virus, to protect your Computer: First of all, the question is, are you willing to buy one? or you only want a free download? ( but maybe, the free one -will not function according to your needs).
  • Truth is, there are a lot of free downloads out there, too. Too many of them, in fact,  and it's not that easy to select one when you look at them, one thinks better than the other.  Note*What you see is what you get! (WYSWYG). 
  • FYI!, An anti virus program,  protects your computer's file  system against viruses and other malicious programs that could invade your privacy, [e.g. e-mails,  and other confidential documents with your identity, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, and so on]. 
  • Some of the  free soft- wares  that I can think of, only offer  basic protection though. I know, There's a  lot of anti-virus you can download for free,  One comes to mind,  I downloaded for someone that I just helped is the AVG free download, or you can  also get a free download of  AVAST. [But then he's thinking about buying  one that suits him;  of what he does online, because he says he's worry about his  credits cards- accounts, sort of].
  • Because the whole point to get one really, is to not only protect your computer but also to satisfy your demands, while you're browsing the whole world wide web, and not because , there's an anti-virus program  that is just lying out there waiting to be grabbed and free of charge is all what you need, Wrong!. To decide what is really for you?... Is really  important to acquire something that suits your lifestyle. 

Some Free anti-virus software’s: You can get either one:

AVG Anti- Virus

AVAST Free Anti-Virus

MRH Anti-Virus [Desktop shortcut]

MRH  Check your Anti-Virus [Avast]  Settings, example.

MRH [ My current subscription], you need to register, to get the free download of an anti-virus software to protect your computer.

MRH [I only subscribe to the free download]  It's  on default the recommended updates.

       Free Anti- Virus Software  

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