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September 1, 2013

I will address this matter since it is very important for the beginners and or for the older adults.

  • I get this questions a lot from people I am helping, question is: Why every time I get to open up my e-mail, a pop-up dialogue window says, Update Your Browser? Apparently, Of course, It is sometimes confusing.
  • Fact is,  If you are using a computer in a public place, just remember, the internet web browser of that computer where you get to enter the data you are searching for; is not yours, it is not your responsibility to update it. It is the administrator's and or the owner's of the internet shop or other internet businesses  responsibility to update "your" so -called browser.
  • My web browser is my responsibility because I own the computer, but if I am using a computer in a public place, -meaning, a public place is where you have a membership card, you pay a membership fee, so you can use their computer, and or you go to a place which offers computer-use where you pay by minutes for all the time you consumed, afterwards.
To update to Google Chrome, here is the Browser Link:

So , to add another free internet browser is that easy, The most powerful browser I get to encounter is the Goggle Chrome, It's free and easy to use.  I have been using it to edit my blog and I can't ever imagine how fast it is, than my usual old time-favourite browser, well,  my son thinks it is not, but a few days ago, his game got frozen on his own browser .lol ...Eventually he changed his mind. Suddenly, he imported all his Favorites Bookmarks to Google Chrome Browser.

Importing All Your Bookmarks To Google Chrome Browser:

Images show the steps on how to do it:

Click on that “three lines icon” -[wrench icon] above-top right side- "that's says Customize and control Google Chrome’  beside the star ["Bookmark this page"], icon  on your top- right side, then scroll down to Bookmarks, then click on Import bookmarks and settings.

Google Chrome Window

Options to import Bookmarks from another browser

HTML File  Window[ from USB Drive-Removable Drive]

Bookmarks HTML File Window

Bookmarks are imported  on Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser -New Bookmarks

  • Just click on import and that's it, [or plug in your USB with your HTML File then select HTML to import instead;  make sure you restart your browser for new settings to apply.
FYI, Google Browser is always at my reach, although, my phone is already loaded with another internet browser, I still wanted to add Google, because, It's just me,I think that Google search engine is what I need, for my blog; and it fits my lifestyle, being a single parent and  always on the go. (i.e.sometimes;  I do need from time to time the locations [maps] and or the directions  for my volunteering job; also  I do blogging on my windows phone, whenever I feel like it, with Google, I can easily use my phone for banking online, too, (i.e. transfer money on my son's account and pay bills). 


        Google Chrome Browser             

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