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September 4, 2013

Some people seem to be having a problem running and upgrading the windows media player security.  First of all, I have  the windows 8,  so automatically, I have  the newest   version of Internet Explorer , also  I have the newest version of Windows Media player.  I know, some have still gotten the older version of window, like XP, etc.
Here is what I did: I went to Overdrive Media Console Help site, and follow the steps on how to download and install the Overdrive Media Console. (Just follow prompts when you get to download the app).

 Go ; create an account. Download the Player [for listening to Audio Books], Follow the prompts. 

 FYI,  I found  out, after going to my community's Library's site and borrowed and  trying to download an audio book, in the WMA  format to the Windows Overdrive Media Console ,  A pop-up  dialogue box says, Upgrade Security....
Honestly, I didn't have any problem at all, upgrading the Windows Media Player Security.  I just followed the Overdrive Media Console help on how to run the windows media player security  upgrade .   

  •  Sign up for an account, Download the application and Follow prompts.

Downloaded the Overdrive Media Console for Windows from their official site

    •   Open up the Player to get yourself  familiar with it. (P.S. Menu Tab with options: File,   View, Tools, Help). 

Overdrive Media Console Player

Right-Click on IE Icon on your desktop, select Run as Admin. Paste this URL[],  on the address bar, to upgrade your media player.

Desktop  Icons

  • Go Menu Tab>Tools Option: Windows Media Player Security Upgrade.

I  used the Internet Explorer, as an admin. to upgrade the player

  • The Overdrive Player is now ready to use for audio files.

I click upgrade then,  everything went smoothly running.  Awesome! I am now  enjoying, and listening to audio books I like. 

  •  You can Borrow and  Download audio books from your Location-Library then add them to your Overdrive Media Console Player Files.

Overdrive Media Console Player

Notes:  You might need to get an adobe id, so all you do is sign up, just have a e-mail handy.
The Portable Document Format (PDF) can be open by Adobe Reader, Go (p.s. download it on your own comp). 
ODM file type (Audio books), can be open by Overdrive Media Console Player. 
ACSM file type can be open by Adobe Digital Editions. (Electronic publication-EPUB -ACSM file type).

       Windows Media Player Security Upgrade        

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