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October 6, 2013

For old windows and new windows: 
What is a desktop?

The Desktop is the area that you will first see when you power on your computer, no matter what kind of computer it is, whether a Laptop or a PC-desktop. It is  your entire workspace where you see icons for the programs that are installed on your computer/open web pages and you scroll within/apps you click on to play your games and or music, etc.

The PC-Desktop computer is heavy so you need to put on top of the table or a desk, while a laptop is you can always carry it with you and just place it on your lap, especially when you're on a plane, etc.

The common icons you see on your desktop are My Computer, My Recycle Bin, and My Documents, and some programs, or applications.

The shortcut icons are a quick ways to open a file, a document, or a program or an application without having to navigate to their original location inside your computer's file system. Shortcuts icons includes an arrow as in curved up arrow below the image of the file.

You can create a shortcut icon of your favorite web page, or an application such as a notepad, and or an easy access to your drives, and or files.

  • Navigate to you Start Menu button, click on All Programs, then select  Accessories, click on Windows and or File Explorer, open the folder, and see the contents, then right-click on your Music folder and select send to desktop-create shortcut. 

Win 7 OS -Start Menu Button

Win 7 OS

Win 7 OS -Windows Explorer

Send to  dialogue option- shortcut menu

Music Folder -[Shortcut] is created on top of the  Win 7 OS Desktop

  • However when your desktop becomes cluttered, you can delete the shortcut icon, without affecting the original file, or document

      Shortcut Icons

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