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October 7, 2013

I had accidentally  broken my wrist lately, so yeah, I haven't gotten the time to post my advance tutorial in english- filipino part three yet. I just had taken off my cast on my wrist a week ago, so fortunately, I am now planning  to be working on some pages.

 For Windows:

Remember, your computer has too many objects in it. Example, it  has the operating system, the programs, the documents, the taskbar, the drives, and each of them has it's own properties that you can change it's settings so that it will act the way you wanted or to make it suitable for your own needs.

The simplest object to change it's properties is the desktop I believe, for most beginners and or the older adults.

Sometimes, you want to wake up and the first thing you want to see on your computer desktop's background,  are the love of your life or someone that reminds you, that you need to sometimes stop from working so hard  and see the world or smell the roses in the park.

  • Your desktop has properties, namely: colour, size and also the font it uses.

To change your desktop background colour, or the image that is being displayed on top of your desktop is very simple. This process is not something that you will be placing a new object on your computer's desktop, but that you will just simply change the desktop's appearance.

Steps to do change your desktop colour, font, icon size, background image etc.

Go Control Panel, click on Appearance And Personalization And Or Appearance And Themes, click Change The Desktop Background.

Display Properties dialog box will pop up, (for old windows), The Display Properties Window Has Five Tabs, Namely: Themes, Desktop, Screen Saver, Appearance And Settings. Also it has the preview pane and or window, for the new desktop colour or for the new desktop image.

Down below of your display properties dialog box are the necessary (background and or colour) buttons, for you to click on and to locate a preferred graphic or colour, for you to display on your desktop.

Note, there is also a Browse button to click on, to browse your images or photos inside your hard drive so you can use them as your desktop's new graphic.

There is also a Position button to click on, for the position of the new image and or graphic being displayed on your desktop, like it is being stretched or centered, or tiled.

For your icons images or sizes, the Customize Desktop button is also provided (the displayed programs on your desktop, example is the garbage bin, and so on), to customize them.  

After all the work you have done, make sure to press the OK button, or Cancel it when you're not satisfied with it.

  • For both new /old windows, just right click anywhere/any area on the computer's desktop, click on Personalize/Personalization option.

Details below:

To display an image inside your computer, navigate to your My Pictures folder, select your preferred graphic, open it and or right click on it and select as set as desktop background.

Step 1.)Find the best graphic/photo you think and wanted to be your desktop bg, then do the following: 

Pick photo of your choice

YOU have options on how to open the image. 

MRH Windows 8.1. Desktop Mode-would be background

That simple!

                    [Win 8.1 OS Desktop Mode [The displayed new image for my computer desktop's mode- background],

Step 2.) Right- clicking on the shortcut menu- option,  right on top of your desktop is the easiest method possible to enhance your desktop's background.

Win 7 OS  Desktop  Screen

  • Get themes through Windows -Microsoft Images.

Win 7 OS

  • Select the preferred graphic;  then click on download.

Win 7 OS[ Microsoft Windows Images]

  • The downloaded theme will be saved to your Download Folders; so Go Start Menu; click on All Programs, Select Accessories, then Click on Windows Explorer [for old -Windows Win 7 OS.] For Win 8, 8.1. Start Up Mode or Desktop Mode are your options, For Desktop Mode-just right-click on the Win 8.1 Start Menu Button; Select File Explorer, then go to your Pictures Folder,  On Start -Up Mode Screen, Click on Pictures Folder from your live tile screen Start Menu.

Win 7 OS Desktop BG

  • The downloaded theme for my desktop bg is the Web;s Microsoft Image- Snowy night. You can always change your desktop image -bg, All you do is go right-click anywhere on the desktop, point to Personalization option and change it from the pop-up dialogue box.

My Windows 7 OS Desktop BG

  • Other Option, to change your desktop's background; choose an image you like from the web,  download and save it to your Download Folder; the right- clicking technique on the saved Image will give you options of what you can do.

  • My son's  maple story-Halloween desktop background , downloaded it from it's site and saved it to Downloads Folder. Opened up the image and just right clicked on it, selected as desktop background. 

Windows 8.1 Desktop Mode Screen [MRH  desktop background from: Maple Story  images]

Enjoy changing your computer desktop's background!

   Desktop BG

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