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October 8, 2013

When you don't have much access to a computer, printing a web page is very useful for future use. [You can refer to that information later on: for instance, you might want to book a  vacation and stay at that specific beach resort which offers a  cheaper accommodation].

  • Open an existing browser, type the word-beach , beaches, etc..on the address bar; then select the one you are looking for: [P.S. i.e. shown below].

Finding a site

  • When you print though, your browser automatically re-formats the text of the web page to fit the paper dimensions.  Just specify the number of pages you want to print in the Print Dialog box. Some printers, like mine, are set- up to print headers and footers in addition to web page itself, so when you try to retrieve the page from your printer, you might find the page's title, it's URL, [website address],  the date, and other similar information at the top and bottom of the page.

Printing option

  • Click file on the menu bar, then click Print. The Dialog Box pops-up, in this dialog window, you can specify the print options you want. You only want to print the first page of the Pangasinan beaches images for instance.

MRH IMAGES [web page print preview, with headers and footers]

Print  Menu option

  • [P.S.  a header and a footer (Footer: URL at the bottom, and the page number;  and for the Header: it has the date and or name of the author of the page]. These are the things you'll look for in the future, to remind you, an example : if you need to find a vacation spot later on;  just in case you need to enhance your love life, whatsoever. LOL

 [printing options box]


  •  In the page range section, click the pages option button, and make sure the pages text box shows 1.
  • You can change the number of pages in the text box, by highlighting the text in the text box and type and or change the value if other than 1 appears.
  • Click Apply then click Print.


  • Note: To Print A Web Page: [You can  use any  web browser for this tutorial, because they all have menu and or command options].
Web browsers:

Google Chrome

 Mozilla Firefox [printing options box]

IE Bing[printing options box]

   Print a Webpage

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