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October 8, 2013

Windows 8.1 Operating System

You need to customize your desktop, for easy access on any program or application that you might want to use in the future. 

For Old & New Windows OS: Desktop is always the whole entire space you see on top of your computer, (Laptop/PC-Desktop); It is also the area you work onto, (workspace).
  • Examine your desktop, notice that it has shortcuts not just for your operating system- objects, but also for programs, tools, drives and also documents. If you have your own computer, you can create your own personal desktop that will suit your needs.
  • Vocabulary: OS =Operating System

I right- clicked but on a blank area on the desktop, and on the shortcut menu, I checked, align the shortcut icons to grid, and clicked on medium icons. I un-checked auto arrange icons though, so I would be able to place them (the shortcut icons) anywhere on my computer's desktop.

  • Note that every object on the desktop is matched by an object on the desktop toolbar. Your menu might show different objects.  It depends on what programs, documents. files,- shortcuts icons you have on your computer’s desktop. 

On the right side, the desktop toolbar appears as a button with a desktop label and (“a double arrows”), you can click to see all the icons on the desktop toolbar, FYI!,for you to see all these icons, point to the (>>), “double arrows” on the desktop toolbar. 

My desktop -Windows 8.1 OS

The task-bar features includes, displaying tool-bars. Firstly, you can display the quick launch toolbar, which contains icons for starting, i. e. Internet, and or Microsoft Word for your documents drafts. When you are editing a document for example and it covers your desktop, you can access an Internet Browser like I have on my quick launch toolbar, (the Google Chrome).

To add the quick launch toolbar to the task-bar, make sure the task-bar is not locked, by simply right -clicking any blank area on the task-bar and then, it is necessary to unchecked the lock the task-bar on the shortcut menu, to be able to widen, the quick launch toolbar and or the desktop toolbar, (divider appears something like brown-embedded straight dots),so you can see all the icons in it . Just use the drag and drop -technique to customize a quick launch toolbar and or the desktop toolbar.

Dragging an icon from the desktop(example: Google Chrome Internet Browser), onto one of the task-bar tool-bars, either on the quick launch toolbar, and or the desktop  toolbar. You can absolutely  create an additional  buttons for quick one-click access to your favorite files and programs.

   Customizing the Desktop

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