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November 24, 2013

First of all, this tutorial will work for some and not for others; My apologies, (I actually conducted a research for a week, before I updated to Windows 8.1, so I know the hardships of other people out there, It is very frustrating for some).

  • Whatever computer you have, this will be your screenshot, if your download is normal.

MRH [Upgrade to Windows 8.1 OS -Screenshot]

  • My new desktop display of windows 8.1 Start Menu Button [Desktop Mode]. 

Windows 8.1 Start Menu button (Desktop Mode)

 Windows 8.1 Operating System Start Menu options is almost similar to the old Windows OS, Start Menu options: (7, Vista etc.).

Windows 8.1 Start Menu Details (Desktop Mode)

  • Windows 8.1 mode [Live Tile- Start -up screen ]

Windows 8.1 OS [Start Up Mode -Live Tile Screen ]

Just to let you know that, some of the programs and or applications (I pinned to my windows 8.1 mode start up screen aren't free, i.e. MS Office Suite: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access, MS PowerPoint.), if you really want or need them, you can buy them online or through your local office supplies store. 

Look at that windows start up button, Just right-click when you want to dig deeper into your computer, then click once and it goes back to windows 8.1 mode start up screen, Quite awesome! 

MRH Desktop Mode 8.1 OS [Start Menu-Details]

Reasons to consider: Before upgrading to Windows 8.1
·        Your computer must be in mint condition, (i.e. something like new, out of the box, just came off from the shelves, newly purchased, just delivered to your place/house etc. from the store, not something assembled and something like not Genuine your copy of Windows).  Actually, Microsoft e-mailed me to update to windows 8.1.
·        Hard drives are functioning properly, (meaning hard drives like C:drive and other drives you have,  inside your computer system).
·        Detach all your computer gadgets i.e. usb, printer, (only the keyboard and mouse are attached.
·        You must have a free space, for the windows 8.1 update.
·        Go Control Panel, click on Windows Update, make sure to put a check mark on all important and optional updates, Install all important and or optional updates.
·        Once all of the above tasks are done, and then you can proceed to update your system to windows 8.1
·        Go to Microsoft update site
·        For faster update do not use the computer for other tasks.
·        At the end of the (upgrade to Windows 8.1) process, there's an input for a code that Microsoft will give you, make sure, it will be handy, by e-mail or text through your phone.
·        Get all the updates for your computer too, for example: from HP, and so on, whatever the brand of your computer is. (Mine by the way, is HP ENVR m6 Notebook), in other words, I had all the updates also from HP.

 Good Luck!

              Windows OS  To Windows 8.1 OS 

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