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Managing Computer Files

Organize Files with Windows Explorer Such As Delete Files and Create A New Folder

January 27, 2014

First of all, if you don't know what a Windows File Explorer is; then you will not find any file and folder you need to work on. You will need a Windows File Explorer window, to manage your files, devices and folders, or search for an image or document; all you do is type in the name of the file in the File Explorer Search Bar. 

File Explorer Elements: One way to organize files and folders, is to use Windows File Explorer program. It is included in your Windows 7 or 10 OS. It'll be easy to view, move, copy, or delete your files and folders. Windows File Explorer lets you view the hierarchy of all the folders on your computer and lets you keep track of where your files and folders are stored as well.

 A File Explorer window is divided into two sections, they are called panes. Left pane shows the hierarchy of the folders and other locations on your computer. While the Right pane, lists the contents of these folders and other locations. The Right Pane serves as your work space.
Address Bar displays the location of the active folder. Menu Bar, contains commands for working with files and folders in the File Explorer window. Command Bar contains all the shortcut buttons to organize your files and folders, such as viewing them in details, lists,  etc. The Search Bar, help you search for a particular file or folder on your computer. When you search for a file or folder on your computer,  just type in the name of the file or folder in the Search Bar. Explorer Bar, lets you locate any specific folder or drive on your computer, while Folders Pane will display your files, folders, devices and other resources available to your computer.
To view the sub-folders of a folder or  a storage device on your computer, just simply click it, to collapse or hide its contents, just click on it again. For example, I selected the - External Hard Drive, in the Left pane-Explorer Bar, and the entire sub -folders stored in that folder appeared in the Right pane-Folders Pane.
To work with a device or a folder on your computer,  you must first select its name, on Explorer Bar, once selected, the device or folder appears highlighted and the Right Pane -Folders Pane displays its contents. P.S. below.

Windows File Explorer window

External Detachable Hard drives
An external device such as USB, Floppy Disk, and Re-writable CD are external hard drives, which are like a file cabinet, a storage device that contains files and folders. Just in case that your computer may run out of its time life, somehow you must backup your files: (i.e. your images, photographs, documents and other important files you may have on your computer).
You can always buy an external disk such as:  USB, Re writable CD'S, and Floppy Disks, it’s being sold everywhere; from your local drugstore to a school and office supplies store.  A USB though, is very convenient to bring anywhere you go. Furthermore, the easiest way to transfer files from one computer to another, without using any physical cable wires, is to download files to a detachable hard drive with enough capacity; to accommodate all the information you wanted to transfer it to a different computer.

USB, Floppy Disks

How to search for a file using the windows file explorer:
If you want to search for a file, use the Search Address box by typing the name of the file you wanted to find. I searched for the singer-Autour de Lucie, inside my MP3'S folder, and it appeared instantly. P.S. photo below.

File Explorer window- Search Bar
Creating a New Folder
You can create a new folder inside an external drive such as: USB, Floppy disk and Re-writable CD, or on your own computer's Documents, Music or Pictures folder. (Your computer's hard drive is the first hard drive and is usually designated as C: Drive, other external hard drives you will add will be designated as D, E, F and so on).
Step1.) Open Windows File Explorer>select the folder that will contain the New Folder>Go Toolbar's Commands buttons> Click on New Folder command button and then a new folder will be created for you.

Toolbar's Command buttons>New Folder command button

Step2.) Type a name for the New Folder, and then press the Enter key on the keyboard.

A  New Folder has been created

Renaming a file/folder
However, only rename a file or a folder you created with a different name, (you cannot rename the computer's default files and folders), to rename a file or a folder use the Rename command on the file's shortcut menu options. Go>right click on a file or a folder you recently created and point to select Rename option. Type its new name and press Enter key on the keyboard.

Rename a file or folder

Note: Windows File Explorer allows you to manage your devices and folders only whenever you want, otherwise they're being closed.

[Windows File Explorer]

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