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 [P.S. I edited this page because I accidentally deleted the original post, while switching to normal keys. I recovered it within a minute, [through forums- link blog for tricks about deleted posts] anyway,  and did copy and paste techniques;  [CTRL +H].

May 27, 2014

[P.S. Will only apply if you own the computer and not by internet cafes or other public premises].

To make it easier for you to relieve your cravings for face booking; [i.e. my cousin from Hongkong who is a gazillion miles away from her family and friends],   all you need to do is: create a desktop shortcut for an internet website on whatever social media to sign in,  and or favorite site you wanted to be very handy for you to check out- during break times at work of course!, or you can socialize during your internet browsing hours.

Well, my point is, I am not encouraging you to attend to your social life while working! Unless your employer and or manager is having a business meeting with you through face booking and telling you to do this and do that!. Then that will be for sure, a different story of your social life.

Here are just the easiest techniques so far, that you could do to create a desktop -shortcut for your favorite social site:

[P.S. I know lots of people out there are still using the old windows,  so I used instead, Windows 7 OS for this project; Specifically for my 3 different  -browsers. ]

Option 1) For Google Chrome Browser:

Open your browser, type ; Press enter on keyboard or hit search on your browser; press that wrench icon (three lines beside the star icon), on THE TOP Right side of your Google Chrome browser, Scroll down and select Save as Page Option, click on it and it will bring you to Save as Page dialogue box;  Scroll up and select Desktop on the left pane then, click on Save button.

[P.S. You will be informed that the shortcut is downloaded: at the bottom of your browser].

Once you created the FB shortcut on the desktop, close the already opened Google Chrome browser for Facebook page.

Double click to open the shortcut website or right-click on it but YOU CAN NOT Rename the shortcut after it is created. You can rename the page while you are about to save it.

Go ahead, Open the site and it’ll be ready for you to sign in.

Google Chrome Browser Images Details:

1.) Typing and selecting the URL: [Note: Google search browser will give you a lot of options; by suggesting [i.e. login, search, sign up addresses, just pick any and it will take you to fb home address].

Step 1.) Click on  the wrench icon on Google Chrome browser .

step 2.) Un-check Start Menu and pin to Task-bar  ,
leave the check-mark on Desktop box to create and save the
desktop shortcut icon for fb on your desktop screen.

Step 3.) It's created the fb icon on the desktop.

Option 2) For Internet Explorer Browser:

Go open your IE browser, Type fb or Facebook on the address bar or on the Search bar, then press enter on your keyboard, and or hit search on your internet crawler; when the page appears, Proceed to your Menu Bar.

Select or Press File Tab; Scroll down to Send to Option and click on Shortcut To Desktop; a Create a Shortcut dialogue box will pop up; Press Yes to create the shortcut on the desktop.

After you created the shortcut; close your already opened FB page.

IE Browser Option:

1.) type the URL whether on the address bar or on the search bar: [pick any with fb URL attach to it].

                                               Step 1.] On the Menu bar-click on File Tab, select Save as option.

step 2.)  Creating the webpage on the desktop.

Step 3. IT is  created the desktop icon for fb. IE option gives that FB  default color: [Renamed the fb shortcut icon]

3rd.) Option if for my Mozilla Firefox  search engine: Firefox Browser:

step 1.) Go click on the wrench icon-top right corner, then select Save Page.

Step 2.) Click on the desktop location, then select Save button.

step 3.) Firefox gave me that Google Chrome browser -default color code fb shortcut.

Option 4)Creating the shortcut by Right-clicking on the desktop:

Go right-click on your “own computer desktop”, Select New Tab; click on Shortcut Option, click on it ; a Create a Shortcut window will pop up.

Type , and leave the default location don’t touch the browse button; Press the Next Button to continue creating the short cut icon on your desktop.

Rename the page so you know it’s the shortcut for your Facebook website as in: your name or nickname or whatever the name you wanted it to be.

Press the Finish button to save your work.

One thing, I have to be honest about it is that, [I am also on Facebook but I do not live on Facebook land and sometimes it will take days for some of my relatives and friends from Asia and also Europe to wait for me to check out and answer their messages]. My apologies, that’s just my lifestyle, that’s all.

[p.s. I have used MS Office Word for Borders and Shading formatting options for this post].

   Facebook Shortcut Icon

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