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May 9, 2014

 Sharing my solution: When my cousins’ Toshiba laptop touchpad just suddenly stopped working. 

First of all, try these steps:  [I first tried all of these techniques, when it stopped working for a day or two], then afterwards, it completely stopped working]. I found out that I needed to update the driver or reinstall it. [It’s a satellite Toshiba laptop something], with Windows 8 OS. 

Turn off your computer by holding your power on/off button for 15 seconds, until the computer power light goes off. Unplug the Adapter Cord and also take out the battery.  
Return the battery, and plug the Adapter Cord back, [I recommend that you must use a power bar, for your computer protection just in case of a power outage, [shock]. FYI! I do not plug the computer A/C directly to an electric outlet. 

If and ever the FN + F9 combination [press and hold FN then F9 at the same time doesn't work, [i.e. repeatedly, and or at least 3 times, I did this ], I suggest you go Start Menu then Control Panel, Hardware and Sound tab,  then Devices and Printers click on Mouse, then modify or change the settings of your touchpad device. 

Alright, so by the time you get into the settings for your mouse touchpad, just make sure that you [Unchecked the box for disable internal mouse when external device is attached, then press Okay for new settings to apply]. This is very important. 
And the last option for you I hope is that;  you can make it work your Touchpad by updating your touchpad driver.  Actually, when you go to this Toshiba site here: 

Go Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Mouse> on Mouse Properties Menu>Select Device Settings Tab: 

Unchecked   the box for:  Disable internal device when External mouse is attached: on the Mouse Properties Settings. Click on Apply button then Press Okay. Restart comp. if necessary, for the new settings to apply.

[updated photo-Mouse Properties]

You will need to look up for your comp.  model in the back; your computer will be scanned by Toshiba, then the drivers will just appear on the window for you to download and reinstall, if that’s the case,  [i.e. touch-pad driver], click on it then reinstall, follow the prompts,[ it is self-explanatory though]. I t did override the files, so don’t worry about reinstalling again. 

Well, if this doesn’t work, I recommend you go to an authorized service center for your comp. It must be the touch-pad is already ruined or if your laptop [e.g. touch-pad is already physically destroyed].

    Toshiba Laptop Touch-pad 

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