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June 18, 2014

 While some sports-minded people in the world are silently, watching, the World Cup, and I, just being a Mum and also busy at work, as well as; balancing my social life with my volunteering job as a Comp. Tech.  Volunteer at the Calgary public library, I just realized then that, I have been living in Canada for more than two decades already nowadays. Time passes by so quickly, isn't it? 

For some folks out there, who are so ready to join the 21st century! Well, first thing you must have; is indeed an iPod; to be:  (oh so cool?), or (fashion-wise?) Why not? I don’t see any more folks reading romance novels, inside the train, except me, maybe? , (I still read the real books though, [i.e. Dracula: I have seen that movie with Winona Ryder in that Dracula movie, so I was wondering, about the Dracula novel book  also, so yeah, I did read that too). 

Oh wait! , I have chatted a bit with this gentleman whom I met at a café shop [downtown], I asked him, of course, just my curiosity; what some folks are into? ; And he told me “he loves listening to electronic songs”, something like kind of Madonna’s party songs , I was expecting him to tell me though, that he’s into Mozart and or Hans Zimmer, Vivaldi, or something more opera kind of [example: Phantom of the opera?]. 

So to begin with: Unfortunately, the Windows Media Player will not let you transfer music files to an iPod device, so you will not use it. Because the iPod is an apple product and it will only work with iTunes player which is also a product of the Apple Empire. 
So you must download iTunes for free at , otherwise, you can easily synchronize [adjust, to conform to a standard], your music files to your iPod device; for easy access, if you already have it as your default media player. 

I assume that; if it’s your own computer, it will be easy for you to do this computing task. But then if you do not have a computer or an internet, you can ask a friend, or a family to do it for you. A net café or the public libraries aren't your best options to download a program. Fact is, the music files for the iPod;  needed to be in MP4’s version, While Windows Media player has only MP3’S so it's not really compatible with an iPod. 
So to speak, if you have all the mp3’s files from your windows media player, just import your music folder from your computer -library to your iTunes player library; and it will just convert it accordingly to mp4’s files. [The iTunes player will automatically convert those mp3’s to mp4’s music files]. 

Anyway, Open iTunes>click Menu; select >Add File to Library; a pop-up dialogue box will appear; browse your computer music file and or folder>then press Open file or Folder.  

[P. S. Press Organize tab on my computer -music folder menu; hit Select All: that way-all the songs will be all highlighted and or selected; click Open File>All the songs will be suddenly added to your iTunes library].

STEP 1.) Select File tab on the iTunes Menu Bar.

Adding Music folder to iTunes Library

STEP 2.) Click on  My Folder's Organize tab.

Selecting all the music files

STEP 3.) All the files you selected are adding to the iTunes Library.

After the iTunes media player library is populated with the music files, insert your iPod device to the computer and just follow the prompts.

STEP 4.)                                                                                                                      
Steps to transfer music files from iTunes player [mp4s] to iPod:
  • While the iTunes player is still openPlug the iPod device to the computer 
  •  Go ITunes Top Menu; click on iPod tab; then the iPod device details will show up; summary, etc.

iPod device is being inserted to the Computer and its showing on the iTunes player

STEP 5.)  Plug your iPod to the computer.

iPod device  is ready to sync with the iTunes Player

  •  Press : On this iPod tab >Hit Auto fill button below>wait out>after the iPod device is populated with music files, it will stop by itself, [it depends on how much your iPod device free space is, later on you can change the iPod settings; if you are a beginner, just leave the default settings for now].
  • Click on iPod library>music files are shown> Unplug the device, [properly unplug; go My Computer folder; find the iPod device icon, right-click on it, then hit on eject]. You can just read the iPod manual; examine where your iPod device buttons are located:  for more, or less volume, Power on, and so on. 

You can change the settings of your device.

  • Checking the Settings:

Auto fill is the primary option

  • Actually, iPod devices are easy to manipulate, my son was just nine years old when he started using iTunes and iPod media players. I just explained it to him once before, and he’s nowadays a pro.

Another option is to randomly add the music files.

  •  Songs are listed and you can also sort them out:

My iPod shows all the files I added.
  • Have fun listening to your songs! FYI! Just remember, when you are inside a public transportation, you make sure that your iPod volume isn't so loud.
P.S. If you will encounter any problem with your iPod device in the future; [I’m talking about the music files in your iPod, if they get ever accidentally deleted; then you use the iTunes player, to restore them]. 

      Transfer Music Files from iTunes to an iPod

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