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iPhone 6 plus: Insert Sim Card

September 28, 2015 

If it's your fist time to see and or use an iPhone 6 plus:  well, here you go : I accompanied the instructions with the photos so it'll be easier for you to insert the SIM card.

1.) The SIM tray is on the right-side of the iPhone, There is a tiny hole that you will see, it is below the sleep/wake button.

2.) Use the SIM ejector tool/or paperclip to get the sim-tray out, when there is no available sim-ejector tool,  Insert an unfolded paper clip tip (like what I have done), into that tiny hole you see, (round depression); all the way down and the sim-tray will pop out easy; Do not insert the paperclip-tip/sim ejector halfway, it will not pop out the SIM card. lolz

3.) Place the SIM card on it's tray, (you won't miss it; cuz the form of the sim-tray will prompt you, on how to put the SIM card properly), return back the sim-tray into the SIM card slot just like the way you've found it.

4.) If you are not capable of doing that, go to your nearest store-carrier and ask the staff to do it for you.

step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

Then follow prompts:  set- up your dialect/language/internet provider for you WiFi use, Pass-code or password and so on. But When you get to the (sim pin) settings, you might want a new sim pin, to protect your sim data in the future.

Instructions: Details Below(SIM PIN default is 1234.  Enter SIM PIN default  to unlock the PIN then follow prompts). 

Protect your SIM CARD  against unauthorized use, In order for you to do that, you need to turn on your PIN protection. Once done, it needs to be keyed in every time you power on /turn on, (meaning, after turning it off-Power Off);  your smart phone. Your SIM PIN protection will not prevent others from accessing the data of your mobile phone contents  (i.e. pictures and messages, documents), You can also protect your mobile data by turning on the phone pass-code. Details below:

Go Settings>Touch ID and Pass-code>Enable Pass-code by: Turn Pass-code On>Pass-code Options>Select 4-Digit Numeric Code>Key in 4 digits numbers (for easy access for you);  of your choice/Repeat to confirm>You're Mobile Data is now Protected. 
Go >Settings>Require Pass-code >Put a check-mark on Require Pass-code= Immediately and or/Whatever you prefer.

SIM CARD Protection:
Go Settings>Cellular>SIM PIN>enable, by moving/sliding the button (it's lighted up-greenish in color when it's turned on); Key in 1234 =default SIM PIN >Follow prompts, by keying in current then change it to new SIM PIN. press OK and it's done. Your SIM CARD  is now protected.
Please Note:  Powering up your phone by Keying wrongly your SIM PIN five times in a row will  lock your SIM CARD permanently, so to unlock it, you must enter your PUK Numbers (Call your mobile carrier for this issue). They will provide your PUK numbers and will guide you to unlock it/if you're not sure how to do it.
 Well, have fun with your iPhone !

     iPhone 6 plus-Sim Card Tray Slot, Sim Pin Protection

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