Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saving Firefox Bookmarks Into An HTML File

Accessing  Your Firefox Browser Bookmarks To A Different Device 

September 27, 2016

To save into HTML your bookmarks in Firefox browser;  You must open up your Firefox Internet browser’s Menu Bar, go click on Bookmarks tab then select Show All Bookmarks. 
A popup Bookmarks Manager window will appear. Now click on Import and Backup tab, scroll down to Export Bookmarks to HTML option, and then to save it on your local hard drives onto a C:drive; you must browse onto the path where you want to save the bookmarks, such as in your Documents folder, and then Rename and click on Save.

Notice in your Documents folder that your current bookmarks on your Firefox browser have now a back up document for future use.

Firefox Bookmarks-HTML

You can also directly save the bookmarks onto an external hard drive; such as a USB or Floppy disk which needs to be inserted into the PC; that way you can Import the HTML Bookmarks into another PC of yours onto another Firefox browser. 

Exporting Bookmarks into HTML File 

If you happened to saved your HTML Firefox Bookmarks in your local hard drive such as C:drive;  you must copy and paste it first into an external drive to access it to another computer.

Saving HTML file

Note: To transfer your saved HTML Firefox Browser Bookmarks into another PC and onto another Firefox browser.  On the Browser’s menu bar select  Bookmarks tab then onto bookmarks manager window, click on Import and Backup Tab, then scroll down to Import Bookmarks to HTML option and then choose the HTML file from your external drive’s in the dialog box which comes up. Notice how your browser got populated with your saved bookmarks.

[HTML File]

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