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February 02, 2017

Hence I am bombarded already with emails from friends about being locked out by a certain social media, I decided to create this post, (I jokingly told them that because, "I know computers", it doesn't mean that I'm able to solve any problems they got. LOL). 
FYI: I got a friend, in another country, that got kicked out suddenly and also been locked out permanently, just recently, and her case are now closed. She lost everything that she collected for years and years. I felt her pain and sorrows. She said, she's like had a break-up with her first love, LOL. My friend by the way, thought that she got hacked so yeah, she didn't want to surrender her Government issued ID'S. She actually argued with them, and told me; it was her right not to present anything to them. The result wasn't a pleasant one, indeed!
I made a research on this issue, here are my findings; Make an account, that is yours. Your name supposed to be possibly an authentic name that you're using everyday of your life. Just in case that your full name, (example: Sophia Maclaine); but you're using Sophie in everyday life, but the other details match everything what's on your Government issued ID'S, Then THAT WILL BE ACCEPTED. FYI: 24 hours is the maximum locked out time limit by a certain social media -platform out there), if only you have; and presented their demanded Government issued ID'S/etc. If not, you will be permanently locked out and your case will be closed, like what happened to one of my friends.
Some data are: your birthday, phone number, address, and other details are exact match on what's on your Government issued ID's, Library card, Passport, Utility bills etc. 
The thing is when you join any social media out there; you need to be aware of what you do. Don't expect everything to be perfect, which is only according to your tastes and or senses. Is there any perfect guy that you already met in your life? The answer of course, is a gigantic NO! LOL
My advice is that, if you have a Gmail already, then why not join Google+.  I have been using it for a while because, I’m one of those; wanted to stick in one place. It's like "One Stop shop" for me, (when I go shop or grocery with my son, I pick a place that offers everything, (I.E. from clothes to food, to electronics to school supplies, etc.); definitely with no running here and there, I have a hectic schedules, being a single parent, so yeah, I want a place that I am already comfortable with. My apologies.
Whether you have a different E-mail provider, still, you can create an account from Google plus, like I did the first time I joined around 2013. If you're using an iPhone or a laptop to a desktop, just go type Google plus, on your web browser, it, will bring you there, sign up and or create an account. It is very self explanatory. Fill up the form, etc.
If you want a new email with Google, create a Gmail account- P. S. My post on creating a Gmail Account  P.S. Below the link.

If you have other phone, (I.E. android), same steps applies in installation: If only applies to your phone, my apologies.

1.) Click on Apps Store on your iPhone if you got one already.

2.) Make sure you're on wifi, so you won't use too much data on your phone. 
Type it in on the search bar-Google plus, 
It will give lots of options; that you can install it later for future use. 
(And or activate Voice, then say Google plus).

3.) Install then, pay attention to it , Provide your Apple ID &  password if Apple -Apps store  asks for it. You must have one already when you first acquired and or  activate your phone number with your iPhone. If not, go then create and apple id, It's easy, just like creating an Email. Then go back to your iPhone and click on Apps store. It will pop up a window where you can sign in, then follow the prompts. While you're already at the Apps store icon, install Hangouts by Google too, it's the Messenger app for Google plus. ;-) Amazing right? Yeah, I know! :-)

4.) Click on Let's go!- It will open up the site and sign in/log in with email you have.

5.) Now whatever your Email is , type it in, wait and see, must match your Email and password.

6.) What you see here, is  my Google plus page. I already downloaded the cover and profile photo. (1081 by 608 is my cover picture size), and my profile photo, is just whatever photo you got there, It will automatically crop it, just drag and save all the changes you have made. That easy!

7.) P.S. Number 6 step, You will see the Home/Collections/Communities/Notifications icons at the bottom. Click on communities and or Hit Home button and type on search  bar-example: is Brains and Beauty. Click on Join, or Ask to Join, whatever that applies. (Some communities you see are just examples, so find/search something that you're interested at).

8.) P.S. step number 6, Wrench icon-top left side.
Go >wrench icon on top - left side on your 
Google plus page. The result is number 8 step image. Take note of that tiny arrow -right side; lower corner by the cover picture. -Clicking on that, brings you to the signing out page. Slide the little dot button and will log you out of Google plus.

9.)  Last step, editing your page will be easy. etc. P.S. step number 6, 
Editing profile button is very 
visible and editing photos-Change cover/Profile pictures. Just follow the prompts. 

You're good to go. Enjoy Googling-plus! :-) ;-) (Yes, my friend is nowadays on Google plus, too; and is now satisfied . LOL)

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