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You can resize, enhance by adding filters, (I.E. vintage, black and white, sepia, etc); crop, flip, transform,  and or invert the images you're working on. Also do some collage, (meaning: mix some pictures on a frame with an specific theme, example: summer, autumn, winter, and others), add a clip art, (stickers), add photo on top of another photo, border, lens effects, text, etc. 


February 28, 2017
1.) Snapseed, which is owned by Google; is plain and simple, just allow your photos to be  access by the program on your phone settings, Open the editor and Pick one photo of your choice. You can edit, by transforming, flipping, cropping and so on. Save the edited image and will be saved in it's own folder, which is Snapseed Album.

2.) PicsArt by PicsArt, this application is self explanatory as well. When you get to the photo editor main window, just follow the prompts. When you're done creating your project, Don't forget to save your work. Don't worry, this particular photo editor will create it's own folder as well, and will save it from there; all of the  edited photographs you made.  

3.) My top number three is Aviary, it's owned by Adobe; If you already have an account with Adobe, you can use it to sign in at Aviary photo editor. this program will not create it's own  album, it will edit your images and save it on the same folder/gallery for your pictures. It's also easy to use this program editor as well like the other two,  I mentioned above. Just makes sure that during  the saving process, click on saves a copy in order to prevent altering the original image.

Like the usual way, to use a free program is always to register with a valid E-mail. Go click on your Applications store icon, Apps/Store, (if applicable, on your android device), on the search address, type the program's name- when you get to find it, then install the application, on your smartphone if it applies to you, (My apologies); and or if possible on your Tablet, and or computer.

Just a reminder, that Free Programs have only some available certain features that you can use to create your project. Some available items to use isn't free. That means, you need to purchase them. 

The following random photos are my personal photographs; that were taken during the year of  2013, 2015, 2016 and the present year of 2017;  in Calgary, Alberta, and Outside Alberta province. I edited them using my top three picks -  Free Photo editors, that I installed on my mobile device.
Pressing  one of the command bars=FX>BLUR>ARTISTIC>POP ART>PAPER>DISTORT>COLORS>CORRECTIONS), will do wonders on the photo you're working on. 


I happily played the part of an Angel during my First Grade-Class, Christmas Party. My pairs of Wings were made out of Cardboard and Solid white crepe paper: They were really huge ; I got drowned with it, and I  needed someone to hold it  and helped me walk with it. haha. It was indeed a beautiful childhood memory of mine, during my childhood days in the Philippines, during the Holiday seasons.

I, in SW of  Calgary during the Spring of April 23, 2015,
(Just my reminiscent of being The Angel during the Holidays).


I during a walk, one chilly winter afternoon of 01/26/16, with my aunt
 in our neighborhood by the Evergreens in Calgary.


My view of The Calgary Tower during 03/18/16 .


Downtown Calgary, from my view-during Canada Day of 2016.


I stumbled on these Rabbits by our main entrance, during one summer night of 2016.


During the Fall of 2016, by an aquarium of a restaurant in Calgary courts centre.


During SAIT -100th anniversary, (a prestigious school for arts, sciences and technology), school's location is in Calgary.


I, by the Bow River in Shouldice Park in NW Calgary,
during our family\s celebration of the mid Autumn of 2015.
The Park is always open all through out the seasons.
You can barbecue and have a picnic also by the Bow.


This is me during the summer of 2015, up by Calgary's 4th Station.


I, by the heart of the city during the chilly summer of 2015-
Calgary square. Mall is nearby and the Tower is just behind me.


By the lake outside Alberta, during the summer of 2013.



At the Bow River in NW OF Calgary, during  the winter of 12/25/16.


I, during 01/27/17, by the Calgary Courts Center area in downtown Calgary.


This is me by the heart of the city, during the Winter of January 27, 2017.
The Calgary courts centre is behind.


Effects>Black and White>Neutral>Text

It's the Rockies behind the series of the Lake of Vermillion by 
Banf National Park of Canada in the summer of 2015, during my tour guiding.


There are lots of activities during the summer in Banff Park, You can also go there,canoeing.

So just open that Pics Art Album folder,  and you will find your latest creation. Enjoy! Definitely a must have program!

Photo Editor

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